Fortress Stabilization Systems

Fortress Carbon Fiber/Kevlar grid (shown on the right) has been tested in the field and by an independent engineering firm. A foundation with our carbon fiber grids installed is more that THREE times stronger than without them. These grids will not rust, stretch or move over time.

Soil pressure can fracture a block or a concrete foundation wall causing horizontal and vertical cracks and/or bowing. The foundation must be stabilized to assure that you will retain the full value of your home.

A fractured basement wall is serious trouble and a major hamper on the value and sale of your home.

Fortress Stabilization Systems has developed a Carbon Fiber/KevlarTM grid that will halt any further movement of a clock of concrete wall. It will do it easily, safely and without any outside excavation.

The grid lies flat against the wall and when painted over are hardly noticeable. Your wall will NEVER bow or crack again.

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