The All Dry System

The patented All-Dry Basement Systems'® superior design controls basement water problems where the wall and the floor meet. The All-Dry Basement System® is effective on most types of walls, including poured concrete, block, brick and stone. Each interior drainage system is customized to every structure.

We recommend the entire interior area be treated (where the wall and the floor meet), in the middle section of the floor with a sump pump. Sometimes more than one pump may be needed. Other problem areas of water entry that may require additional treatment include windows, door entrances, tops of walls, wall cracks, floor cracks and untreated areas. If structure is partially treated, customer should not expect untreated areas to be All Dry.

All-Dry Basement Systems® can be installed in a finished or unfinished basement, anytime of the year whether your basement is wet or dry. Illustartion shows water seepage from build up in block wall basement

Installation of the All-Dry Basement Systems® helps relieve hydrostatic pressure and lower the water table. The All-Dry Basement Systems® is installed only by authorized dealers who have been fully trained to give you quality installations.

All-Dry Basement Systems® have been installed in thousands of satisfied customers' houses for many years. The test of time insures reliability of the All-Dry Basement Systems®. Illustration shows sump pump installation

You are assured of a reliable installation to treated areas with our LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Structural and wall repairs are sometimes needed when cracks, bowing of walls or settlements are found in structures. Custom recommendations range from Carbon Fiber Strip Treatments (Fortress Systems®) or I-Beams. The settling of outside soil increases pressure on exterior walls causing the walls to crack and move inward. Click here to read more.

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